FCB Aotearoa

“… celebrating and honouring each other’s differences.”

Paul Wilson and Sean Keaney, Co-CE’s

“At FCB Aotearoa, our commitment to DEI is brought to life through our Whanaungatanga journey. Whanaungatanga includes creating, building, and nurturing relationships with diverse groups, with a particular focus on Māori and Pasifika, but including all cultures and walks of life. It includes celebrating and honouring each other’s differences, aiming to really see every individual, making space for them to bring their whole selves to work every day, fostering a wholly inclusive environment. As the Progressive Change Agency, we are committed to supporting everyone at FCB through their journey as individuals, and our journey as an agency, exploring our differences but recognising our connections.

We treasure our relationships with each other, and with organisations, agencies and individuals who can help enrich us: individually, and in the context of the work we create for our clients.

Our Whanaungatanga journey will not always be easy, but we are committed to learning, sharing, and growing as we continue on its path.”