Air New Zealand

“We pride ourselves on allowing every individual to be themselves and thrive... ko au ko koe, ko koe ko au (I am you, you are me)."

Greg Foran, CE

“What makes Air New Zealand, Araraurangi, so special to be part of is the role we play in not just connecting people and communities, but truly representing Aotearoa through our diverse workforce. We pride ourselves on being a place where every individual can be themselves and thrive, feel included, and work in an environment where they can learn and grow.

I'm extremely proud of our commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. A key part of this is sustaining our strong position of women in senior leadership and on the Board, and by creating programmes that support women in leadership to maintain a solid pipeline of talent.

Increasing Māori and Pasifika leadership and creating career progression opportunities is another focus. One of our values - Share Your Aotearoa - is about embracing our passion for everything Aotearoa, including our culture, history, heritage, and language. We have an aspiration to grow our cultural awareness and competence, and key to this is allowing our people to embrace their own heritage which strengthens employee engagement."